The European Union in the World The European Union's Assistance on Curbing Small Arms
and Light Weapons (EU ASAC) in the Kingdom of Cambodia
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Articles and Reports



SALW Project Development & Management

 Relevant Documentation
 Evaluation of the EU Small Arms and Light Weapons Assistance to the Kingdom of Cambodia (EU-ASAC) - SALW Perception Survey (SAPS) (Confirmatory)
 Post-conflict SALW Management in Cambodia: Improving Security in Cambodia and the ASEAN region presentation by David de Beer to UN workshop in Beijing, April 2005.
 David de Beer to CODUN: Lessons Learned from the EU ASAC project for Guidelines for setting up a SALW Security and Management Project, 4 October 2004.
 David de Beer: An Integrated Approach to Small Arms Management, GTZ, 20032

Public Awareness

 Relevant Documentation
 Disarmament Education in the SALW Programme of EU ASAC, presentation by David de Beer to Disarmament Education Workshop in Indonesia, December 2005.

Safe Storage

 Safe Storage reports
  Improved Record Keeping and Safe Storage Project In MR4 SiemReap

Voluntary Weapons Collection

 Project Reports
 WfD pilot project Kratie final report, February 2003
 WfD pilot project Pursat final report, April 2003
 Final Report on WfD project in Preah Vihear Province, December 2003
 Weapons Security Project in Preah Vihear, July 2004
 Report on 2003 Police Training project
 Survey Forms & Flowchart
 Weapons for Development programme flowchart
 WfD Survey Form 2002
 WfD Survey Report 2002
 WfD Survey Form 2003
 WfD Survey Report 2003
 External Programme Evaluation 2002
 WfD External Evaluation Mission report, October 2002
 Report Annex 2 - Weapons Collection in Snoul District
 Report Annex 3 - Police Report in Kratie
 Report Annex 4 - Weapons Collection in Bakan District
 Report Annex 5 - Police Support in Bakan District
 Report Annex 6 - Small Scale Vs. Large Scale WfD costs
 Relevant Reports
 Report from Bakan District by Ung Samy, 21 November 2001
 Weapons for Development Proposal 2003 Project Outline
 David de Beer and Neil Wilford: EU ASAC WfD and post-WfD Strategies, November 2004

Arms Law

 Relevant Documentation
 Draft Arms Law, February 2005
 Letter from Prime Minister Hun Sen on Draft Arms Law, January 2005
 Draft Arms Law, November 2002
 Sub-Decree 38, April 1999
 UNTAC Law, September 1992

Weapons Destruction

 Relevant Destruction Programme Documents
 Modus Operandi for Flame of Peace ceremony
 Annex 1 - Outline of Technical Assistance
 Annex 2 - Demonstrative agreement between ASAC and RGC
 Annex 3 - Demonstrative Budget Line for Destruction Ceremony

Articles and Reports

 UN Reports
 UN Report on Small Arms, February 2002
 UNDP Report on the Role of Women in Post-Conflict
 UNIDIR Disarmament Forum, article on Cambodia, 2001
 UN DDA Report on Fact Finding Mission, June 2002



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